I’m one of those people you see in Starbucks, head phones dangling from my ears, computer plastered deep to my face— “doing my online classes” (aka probably skimming through Wildfoxes website uncontrollably).  Yes, I’m currently working towards receiving my Bachelors degree, fully online.  This gives me the option to live wherever I would like, whenever I would like.  I’m a free bird I tell you! Born in Florida, but New York City is my home, my heart.

I’m currently signed to two different modeling agencies, in two different cities. I am obsessed with traveling; I wonder if my lust and excitement for unknown places will ever subside? It better not.

I was in Miami for the season, but by April I will be back to NYC for the rest of the year, and forever (thank sweet baby jesus). I’m graduating this year with my bachelors degree in Communication Arts. My goal is to somehow maneuver my little way into a journalism/broadcast/writing type career (while using this blog as an artistic outlet).


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