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Why Nineteen of Our States are Genuinely Insane

            I couldn’t believe this when I read it for the first time in a recent news article.  NINETEEN of our states still allow spanking (corporal punishment) to children in schools???  I’m having a hard time swallowing this and confused at how it is such an unknown topic to much of America.  Like, are we still living in the 20’s or what?  Physical punishment is such a foreign idea for me.  I come from a home were punishing someone didn’t mean using physical violence whatsoever. 

          Before she had my brother, sister, and I, my mom had come from a previous relationship in her life where she was beaten and bruised for anything and everything by some drunken boyfriend she put up with for seventeen years.  After my mom found my sweet kindhearted dad and began popping us babies out, the terms were set, no physical reprimand!  No spanking!

            It did, however, happen one time in my life.  A little five year old, bowl cut bangs version of myself was home with my dad while my mom, brother, and sister were out somewhere.  I remember to this day how rotten I was being: crying and throwing my cabbage patch dolls around like the world was ending.  I yelled a bad word to my dad (I had older siblings, it’s hard not to learn a few bad words here and there).  After he heard me say whatever word it was, he took me across his knee and spanked the force of god onto my little arse. I was bewildered.  I felt betrayed and heartbroken.  I also remember feeling angry and vengeful towards anyone and everyone.  I cried and cried— I don’t even think from the pain, more from the shock of what had just happened.  About a minute after my dad spanked me I remember looking up at his face.  It was beet red and sadness poured out of his eyes. I felt one of his tears roll onto me.  We sat there and both cried together in sadness at what had just happened.  Even at such a young age I understood his remorse so well. 

             It is so hard for me to understand these outdated laws that still take place in almost half of our states.  I’m just imagining these young children being taken to a room and being “punished” by some control freak teacher needing to get their aggression out.  The anger that these children have will be bottled up and dispersed later on in life when there aren’t any teachers there to spank them.  This seems like the making of pedophiles and serial killers if you ask me!  This is why when I have children I don’t think that I’m going to put them in the public school system no matter what state we live.  Many children are misguided and only delinquents if that’s what you make of them.  Children are such intelligent, sponge like creatures.  What they go through during their younger days really defines who they will be later on in life.  Do we really want to create little monsters that find resolution in being “spanked”.  It scares me to think of all of the negativity that takes place in schools that still allow corporal punishment.

           This video I’ve attached makes me so happy because this is what I plan on doing with my children, rather than having some adult with their own anger issues spanking them for being “bad”.

LINK: http://youtu.be/h11u3vtcpaY


Me as a babe.  I’m the one in the middle with piggie tales.  The boy to the left is my brother, Jordan. The girl in the middle behind me is my cousin, Jordan. The badass at the top of the tree is my sister, Ariel.